The brief for this project was to create a short video which would help educate and inspire Tesco staff on the Yes To brand and their mask offering. The video would need to be fun and engaging whilst still educational.

We needed a creative way to communicate each of the three different “families”; Yes To Tomatoes (Charcoal), Yes To Cucumber and Yes To Cotton and the face mask options in each.

We pitched 4 creative concepts to the client and then developed the favourite before moving into the design phase. Getting the design of the fruit machine right was hugely important. We needed to ensure that all the messages were clear and the viewer could see the multiple combinations of ingredients, application method and product. Once this had been approved we moved into the animation phase. Here timing was everything.

We tested a range of different speeds looking for the optimum balance between comprehension and momentum. The final step was the sound design. Right from the concept stage we knew the sound effects would be key. They would need to dial up the sense of fun and playfulness and keep the viewer engaged.