Bear Jam pitched to create a video for a new client and product called Wizzili.  The video needed to showcase the innovative aspects of the product and to see it used within a family context.  


To demonstrate Wizzili’s understanding of a busy families’ needs, we set the video in one room – the kitchen – during a hectic morning before the school run.

Once we established the chaos (this was easy as we were working with  4 year old twins!) it was important that all the product benefits were clear to the viewer.  In order to get this across in a natural way we created a hero character who was the embodiment of Wizzili and spoke directly to the audience explaining what it does and how it helps, whilst he subtly helps the family.  We captured all this on a steady cam to ensure a smooth shot as he walked through the pandemonium of the morning routine.


The video is now front and centre of the Wizzili website and is being rolled out across different fundraising platforms to help raise the investment needed to take the product into production.

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