Welcome to IQEQ

Having consolidated a number of outdated offices from around London, IQEQ briefed us to produce a video that would not only welcome their staff and clients to the new working environment but attract new staff, communicate the business’ progress and place IQEQ as a successful global brand.

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The majority of the script was written at the pitch stage, IQEQ loved it, and very little changed in the final version. It was written to have the feeling that the lines had been lifted from individual interviews with members of the IQEQ team. We wanted the VO to feel free-flowing, informal, and authentic but reflect the values of the business.


The film needed to feel exciting and dynamic. To achieve this we utilised techniques such as mask transitions between scenes to create a feeling of constant movement, with each cut adding to the momentum of the piece throughout, and intricate sound design to engage the audience from the outset.

The Cast

Although the office and location were to take centre stage we needed people to bring the space to life. For this we cast actors to work with. This gave us much more flexibility and creativity on the shoot without being too disruptive to the business.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.