Corporate video production services.

We’re passionate about creating video with purpose.

Video production is our jam! Our experienced and talented team of creative producers, directors, animators and editors work hard to make purposeful and impactful video.  We tell stories and communicate brand messages.

We work with businesses, agencies and brands, providing bespoke video production, marketing and social content solutions. Our videos combine live action, film, graphics and animation.

Why work with us? 


All our video is passionately created with purpose, which means they are developed with a specific job to be done, to deliver against the stated objectives. Our work is proven effective with a demonstrable ROI attached to each video.


We understand the pressure of needing for video production to be quick, so our flexible model means we’ve always got the resource ready to fulfil your job. We aim to concept, shoot and deliver in the shortest timeframe possible with no compromise on quality.


Producing great video does not need to be expensive. We always look to maximise on-screen budget and because of our super-lean video production model you might be surprised at our costs. Why not give us a try?





Our Video Production Process 

Pre-production. The first step in the video production process


Pre-production formally begins once a project, which may have come directly from a client or could have been developed by our creative team, has been greenlit.  At this stage our in-house producers will begin preparing and organising the production. Budgets will have been confirmed but all other key elements and logistics are organised. Bear Jam’s experienced producers will breakdown the project and identify all the locations, props, cast and wardrobe required. They then establish and book the crew and equipment required to deliver it. A detailed production schedule and call-sheet will be created. We will take our clients through this in a pre-production meeting or call.


Lights, camera, action. The production phase is where we capture the material. Our crew sizes and equipment vary from project to project and may be limited by budget, time or location constraints. We have in-house teams and also work with talented freelance crews. Even when working with freelance team a Bear Jam producer will be on a shoot.

Bear Jam deals with a wide range of productions from a solo camera operators self-directing a single-camera setup to a multi-camera shoot with multiple operators, sound recordists and support staff. We have worked all over the UK and abroad not to mention mid-air and afloat.

As each client is different there is not a singular type of style that we use across work. The style changes depending on the content and its objectives. We do however, always look to create the highest quality, cinematic aesthetic with maximum production value. 

Production. The part of the video production process where we capture the material
Post-production. The final step in the video production process

Post Production

This is where our in-house post-production team select, shape, craft and polish the raw footage into an end product that tells a story or communicates a message. Overseen by the creative team and producers our collaborative approach ensures the edit remains true to the brief and concept while meeting the video’s objectives. The process is so much more than trimming and combining clips.  Various layers of sound design and music are added to transform and  enhance a video.  The icing on the cake is the colour grade, here we give the video a look the sets the mood and elevates the visual quality of the finished video.

We keep up-to-date on the latest ratios and formats for web and social media. All of our content is formatted and optimised for the of channel it is intended for.