USANA x The Gut Health Dr

Nutrition and wellness platform USANA needed a video to announce its partnership with internationally renowned gut health expert, Dr Megan Rossi. The video needed to be informative and brief, introducing Dr Rossi’s story, her mission and how this aligns with USANA’s values. During this one day shoot we also shot Dr Rossi creating a smoothie recipe for USANA.

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Production Value

To give the video a premium look & feel particular care was given to the lighting and camera movement. For the interview, we mounted the camera on a dolly which allowed us to move towards Megan while she spoke. The b-roll was captured on a jib giving a cinematic vertical, and horizontal movement.


We wanted the video to feel much like the style of @theguthealthdoctor existing content. To achieve this we incorporated bright and airy lighting and peppered props with pops of bright colours throughout.


There’s no such thing as too much detail. Getting organised and pre-agreeing as much as possible up front makes for a smooth production process. Timelines, budgets, props and styling, scripting, and key messages were all covered in advance.

Project Team

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