Testimonial Videos – Establish Credibility + Trust

Testimonial Videos can be hugely powerful for businesses. By showcasing a real customer’s opinion about a product or service, they help establish credibility and trust. Persuading potential clients in a short period of time is not  easy, but a video testimonial can certainly help serve as a powerful conversion tool.

A great starting point could be interviewing some long-term customers that have seen tangible from your product of services. The video can be placed on a prominent page on your site, used in a pitch, emailed to a perspective client or even shared on social media.

Testimonials should be considered as part of a customer journey and fit into the wider video content strategy. For more information and ideas on video content for different stages of the customer journey for check out our helpful INFOGRAPHIC.

Keep it real

Show your target audience real customers and cases they can relate to.

Problem - Solution

Call out the problem then demonstrate how your product or service solves it.

Back it up

Back-up claims with evidence and results.

Check out some video testimonials here

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