Animation Brief

We were excited to be asked by the Talbot Underwriters’ Cyber and Technology team to produce two explainers animation videos for them. The first was to show the risks of a cyber attack on an SME. The second, to demonstrate how their policy and support come into play after a cyber attack on an insured business. The two animations needed to look and feel very different in style and also be easily versioned for a number of foreign languages.

Our approach to the animation

For the first animation, we set out to make an explainer video that immersed the viewer in a slightly sinister and dark environment where a central evolving dot, would give rise to all animation elements. Elements are described using iconography and effects. Fluid and dynamic transitions take the viewer from scene to scene.

The sound design was a hugely important part of the animation. It contributes to the script, supporting the message, and evoking emotions. Effects like police sirens and digital glitches give the simple icons more context and when combined with the sinister soundtrack help convey the overall theme and tone.

For the second video, we created a character-based animation enabling us to bring in real-world examples and situations to help explain the support offered when an attack occurs. We created a vibrant colour palette adding fun and engaging visuals and characters to make sure that the animation was entertaining and engaging. The stylised look helps to highlight the key characters who are central to the support available to a targeted business while the high contrast information clearly lands the massaging.

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