Stubble & Co.

To launch Stubble & Co’s Kickstarter campaign, Bear Jam produced a short product-focused film that could sit as a central part of the campaign and draw attention to the product’s unique selling points.

Client: Stubble & Co.
Date: 2017
Services: End to end production services


The brief from Ben and Vicky at Stubble & Co was along these lines – we need a crowdfunding video for our Kickstarter campaign to launch our new bag and don’t really know where to start. It’s important for the video to represent our brand while showing the bag’s great features. Can you guys help?


We thought the best way to show the bag was in real life situations and what better than the life of the brand’s target consumer.  We showed the bag at the gym, at work and then leaving town for a weekend of adventure in the countryside.

To show the bag in a detailed way we adopted a zoom transition which allowed us to focus in on details drawing the viewer’s attention to them whilst also keeping people engaged with a creative and dynamic edit.


£82,071 pledged of £12,800 goal
832 backers

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