Video Production Brief

Announce Season 3 of the show Sex Education in a video where Alistair Petrie (who plays Mr. Groff) wanders down the corridor, picking out details of various charecter portraits and relaying them to the camera. Finally he will reveal Season 3 is coming.

Our approach

The set was designed and built to appear as if we are in a corridor of Moordale. We actually filmed in South London. The video, directed by James Hilditch, was captured as a one-shot, single take. Alistair walks with the tracking camera along the gallery wall.   We used a dolly and track to get a perfectly smooth shot,  both Alistair and the camera maintain a constant motion. The camera travels backwards framing the gallery wall while Alistair walks forwards talking to camera.  A shallow depth of field draws the viewer’s eye to the portrait being discussed at a given moment. 

During the shoot James had to take particular care over the timings as total duration for the video could not be more than 60 seconds, the limit for in-feed video posts on Instagram.


The video hit YouTube’s “Trending Top Ten” in 24 hours of release and after one week racked up over 1 million views. It was also watched over 500k times on Instagram. 


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