Bear Jam were asked to film a special influencer event hosted by Ryvita and Davina McCall attended by key women in the health, wellness, lifestyle and fitness space.  The event was held to surprise and smash attendee’s perceptions of January and Ryvita with colour, energy, positivity and delicious healthy food.  Ryvita believes that healthy living should be enjoyable, this is never more challenged than in January – forget the January blues, Ryvita are kickstarting 2019 with positivity.  

Bear Jam were asked to capture the day’s event, bringing it to life for their consumers through the Ryvita social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories).  The goal was to film the influencers in a relaxed, non-intrusive way with the focus being on positivity, fun and energy. 

On the day we had two DOP’s filming in order to deliver enough content for five short videos for various calendar events, which will be shared throughout the year.  We filmed, edited and delivered the first three videos within 72 hours to ensure the footage could be shared by Ryvita and the influencers in the same week of the event.

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