The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa approached Bear Jam to produce a series of four films to be used on their website.  They wanted to showcase the luxury hotel which is a perfect blend of stunning architecture and surroundings, with exceptional standards. The hotel brand film should encourage new and old customers to visit the 5 star hotel, would be used in meetings to sell the hotel overseas, and be seeded to the media for additional coverage.


Creative Strategy

We developed a concept which examined the different cornerstones that The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa is founded on. Authenticity, Setting, Choice and Service.  We captured the hotel using a mix of beautiful tracking shots, close ups, sweeping pan shots as well slow motion action shots of the different staff members going about their everyday role.  To maintain authenticity we interviewed the hard working, professional team across two days.  We crafted a narrative from their insights in post production, using their voices to tell the story.  With ‘Modern Elegance’ at the heart of the hotel’s brand positioning, we created four films and one hero edit that exudes the high quality The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa has to offer.

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