The Brief

Bear Jam has partnered with nutritionist and social influencer, Rhiannon Lambert to manage and create all the content for her YouTube channel Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert.  A best-selling author and spokesperson who has appeared on Sky News, BBC news, BBC radio and featured at TedX, Rhiannon Lambert is fast becoming one of the leading voices when it comes to all things relating to nutrition and diet.  A Harley Street practitioner with over 100K Instagram followers for her profile @Rhitrition, Rhiannon Lambert is a recognised industry expert in the field of Nutrition.

We have worked with Rhiannon to develop her YouTube video strategy, creating digestible content that covers recipe ideas, nutritional tips and developing her new #breakfastwithRhi series where she teams up with other food, fitness and health influencers to talk all things nutrition.  For Rhiannon, creating high quality, consistent and shareable content is a top priority to ensure her followers are provided with all the info they need to live the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.  Bear Jam will be there with her every step of the way.

Our in-house post-production team handle all the edits, creating teaser clips for her other social channels directing her growing following to her new channel.

We all know the importance of creating a robust social strategy but have you considered what part video should play in this? Get in touch with here us to find out how we can help.

Check out some more of Rhiannon’s videos below.