Projecting the Elements

Capture an introduction to IRIS’ new accounting software, whilst projecting different imagery behind and on top of the presenter.

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Pin Point Projection

In order to capture the desired creative ambition we not only had to source and edit multiple clips to be projected but also had to find the perfect placement for each one. The right angle and size needed to be spot-on to ensure a clean backdrop without shadows and with space for our talent to stand in front. We also had a constant balancing act between the 17,000 lumens projector and our lighting set-up. Thankfully all tested and trouble-shot during our pre-light day!


Another area we were able to get creative was in post production. Here we introduced glitch effects that played on the brand’s colour palette. This technique complemented the filming style and gave us another opportunity to bring different projections to the viewer.

Matching the Lighting

With so much happening around our subject we had to ensure all the visuals, lighting, delivery and camera moves complemented each other. To help with this we used three Nova lights that were controlled remotely. During the actor’s delivery we could change and shift the projections to match. Not to mention the meticulous directing, choreography and refusals.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.


Head of Production

George Horne



Senior Editor