Philip Taylor


Phil Taylor is a filmmaker who is diverse, eclectic and talented. He is also fiercely obsessional. According to Phil, it’s not just the devil that is in the detail, he tries to find the beauty in anything and everything.

Shooting with a naturalistic photographic style creating films for any platform. Phil loves working with real people as well as actors and embraces the challenge of working with kids, even if it means making a fool of himself to get the right reaction and shot.  Phil has a wealth of experience working with brands such as Dyson, Tennants, Sony and Babyliss, and has directed legends such as David Bowie.

When he isn’t working on Commercial projects he can be found tinkering in his mini studio in his garden, shooting content and developing ideas for friends and fun.

Check out some of Phil’s projects below and get in touch with us if you would like to learn more.




Mortal Combat



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