Marie Curie approached Bear Jam to create a moment around Valentine’s Day. They wanted to celebrate the power of love and relationships in life and especially those living with a terminal illness.

Having worked with the Charity before we knew that real and authentic content really resonates with their audience. This would be central to our creative.

For the shoot we traveled up Marie Curie’s Bradford Hospice where we asked staff, patients and families in our to write a note to a loved one, letting them know how much they care. Our aim was to highlight beautiful and very real love notes between patients and their families. We set the camera in an overhead position above the note to give a instantly recognisable top-down aesthetic that is so popular on social media. We see each note of love being written on a simple card in front of us – by the hand of the sender.

Each note really highlights that there is nothing more valuable than love, even than perhaps life itself. Certainly it is always love that shines through the brightest, most especially through the darkest of times. Love really conquers all.

A number of video notes were shared on Valentine’s Day across the charity’s social channels and where immediately “liked” and shared. The posts generated an uplift in engagement and donations.

If you are a charity and need help creating some video content. Please get in touch with us here.

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