Like most directors, Luca Rossetti grew up with an inquisitive mind.  He wanted to be an archaeologist first, then a marine biologist and after seeing Jurassic Park, a palaeontologist.  When he figured out that was slightly misguided, he realised what he really wanted to be was a dream maker.  Obsessed with movies and how they were made, he absorbed everything he could from books, special features on dvds and experts in the field.

Visual Effects has been Rossetti’s main route in the film industry, inspiring the mood and look of establishing sequences in great blockbusters from Star Wars, Total Recall to Alice in Wonderland and The Great Gatsby.  From concept artist to film designer for VFX studios, Rossetti has worked with art departments, production designers and directors.  Talented enough to work with major VFX studios worldwide, Rossetti has experience with Sony Picture Imageworks, Double Negative to Rising Sun Pictures.

Not only satisfied with VFX, Rossetti also caught the director bug, writing scripts and developing stories, directing ads for Nike, Hyundai and Hennessy. His unique skillset means he can merge his strong knowledge in VFX with being a director, making him a force to be reckoned with.

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