John Jackson tells his story about getting an olympic medal.

Not every olympian has to wait 5 years to get their medal. John Jackson did. UK Anti Doping wanted to share John’s story to highlight the impact of doping on sport and the individuals cheated.

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Directing the Story

We selected Jon Shaikh form our roster to direct the video. Jon and the Bear Jam team researched the story before conducting a interview with Jon to reveal and pull a number of story threads. John built a rapport with Jon and ensured we had all the sound bites needed to craft a compelling story. This 2 hour long conversation then had to be turned into a 3-4 minute edit.

Bringing the archive to life

John was able to provide us with a treasure trove of footage and imagery. Using this with some stock footage we assembled and edit that complimented the story. For still images we used different techniques to ensure they remained engaging and complemented the tone of the story.

Keeping it creative during covid

When we first received the brief it was early 2021 and it became clear that traditional filming options were not viable. Wanting to avoid a recorded video call we opted for voice over supported by archive material. We sent John a high-end (but user friendly) microphone that would capture quality audio. This was used for the remote interview using a platform that saves uncompressed recordings locally and then uploads them – removing any potential bandwidth issues. The session was monitored but a remote sound engineer who also mixed the final project’s audio. With such emphasis on the voice quality could not be compromised.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.


Head of Production

Jon Shaikh