About Jo Southwell

A multi-award winning director and writer Jo’s first production in Holding On, received nominations for Best Short Film, Best Fiction and Best Director at major festivals and was an official selection at international festivals including Hollywood Shorts, Galway, Palm Springs, Cannes and London. Since then Cover Me, The Gun Man, Entrance No Exit and Deirdre have all won and been nominated in various categories at the major shorts festivals.

Jo was a shadow director to Jon East on his 3 episodes of Sid Gentle Films’ Killing Eve. This was a rare and valuable opportunity that allowed her to further develop her own style of directing. She is currently shortlisted with the BBC Directors Scheme of Holby City and is developing a TV series with Dominic Barlow ( The Last Kingdom, Discovery of Witches.)

In 2020 Jo will be shooting her second VR Film with Gareth Ellis-Unwin (The Kings Speech) for BFI / Screen Skills working with a 360 degree camera and gaming technology.

Jo was born in Northampton but spent much of her early years in Tipperary. She has a BA Hons in Media and Theology at Leeds University and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education at St Mary’s University London. She studied acting at  Redroofs Theatre School.

“I grew up watching Star Wars, reading mythology, loving film and wanting to live in the worlds created on screen. As a director I am not afraid to inspire, motivate or challenge. My passion for visual storytelling is paramount. There is nothing more exciting than uncovering what makes a character tick and finding ways to tell that on the screen.”

If you’d like work with Jo Southwell and Bear Jam please get in touch.