Jamie Redknapp vs Alex Scott take on Fun Football challenges from Tekkerz Kid

To promote McDonald’s Fun Football, produce a fun video featuring Jamie and Alex as they take part in the type of challenges kids may do during the sessions.

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Setting the challenges

Getting any talent together into the same room is tricky. But when one of them is still at school things become even harder. As such, for our taskmaster, Tekkerz Kid, we had to come up with a remote approach. All his challenges were self-filmed the day before and then edited together that night and presented to Alex and Jamie so they knew what to do. After wrapping we put a very quick edit together to show TekkerzKid so we could get his reactions nice and swiftly after the filming.

A quick delivery

One of the reasons we had to be quick was because we filmed on the Friday and the edits went live on the Monday. To service this we had a two editors working simultaneously throughout the weekend. We scheduled regular reviews with both our director and the client to ensure we got everything ‘over the line’.

When it rains…

This shoot would have been a rather damp experience had it not been for our location team. We lined up a couple of alternative options, having reviewed the ever-changing forecast, which meant that when we ultimately decided to make the switch at 4pm on the Thursday, it was a frantic few hours! But nothing we were not prepared for.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.


Head of Production

Jon Shaikh