Video Production Brief

Having worked with Bear Jam previously, The FA gave us the opportunity to respond to a video production brief for a new campaign, Don’t Be That Idiot.  Ahead of the summer’s UEFA Nations League Finals in Portugal, the brief was to create a video that highlights the issue of anti-social behaviour of fans when they are abroad and the stag do culture that has become prevalent when traveling away from home. The film needed to portray extreme examples of unacceptable behaviour but within a formal setting to highlight the embarrassment caused.

While the creative had been developed internally, the FA where looking for a video production partner that could help build on their concept and also deliver the ambitions project in a very short space of time. Game on!

Our approach

We proposed our Director Jim Hayton for the project whose love of football and experience made him the perfect choice for the project.

Jim worked with the FA to develop the script building in aspects to help land the key messages without disrespecting the majority of well behaved fans or creating something too comedic in tone. This resulted in the creation of our fan being self-reflective and looking back on his behaviour in hindsight via a series of UGC “Viral” videos.  A style of filming that people associate with viewing this sort of behaviour in real life.

The filmed hinged on three scenes which required a great deal of pre production as these all included their own challenges – from closing a road to film on, tossing a bike in a canal (and retrieving it) and throwing beer all around a restaurant. All of these locations had to be found within a week, whilst simultaneously casting our main fan as well as around 23 other roles including extras.  

On the day (and in under 12 hours) our crew of 18 and cast of 24 covered 4 locations, tossed the bike into the canal 11 times, jumped on a car 20 times and threw around 10 pints of non-alcoholic beer around a restaurant.

The following day, a striped back video production crew drove up to Derby to capture Gareth Southgate for the closing call to action, whilst the edit started back at Bear Jam HQ London.  

No more than a week after we wrapped on Gareth Southgate the final edit was being colour-graded and sound-mixed ready to go live to the media on the following day.



The film was picked up by a large amount of news publications including the Guardian, Mail Online, ESPN, The Times, BBC, The Mirror and The Sun to name a few as well as played in full on Sky Sports News channel.  


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