The Brief

Tech company Headstart are revolutionising the recruitment industry and came to Bear Jam for an animation that would explain their unique offering.  Headstart is an organisation full of geniuses, they’ve changed recruitment by putting data at the heart of the hiring process. They use Machine Learning and AI to drive the entire process. Sound complicated? It is. We needed to help them find a way to explain what they do in under two minutes without it being stuffy or over-complicated. Challenge accepted.


Keeping their forward-thinking approach at the forefront of the creative, we developed an idea that would be driven by a fast-paced, dynamic soundtrack utilising eye-catching screen transitions. We would call out key content by punctuating keywords with techy sound-effects and clever text animation.

Inspired by boundary-pushing technology TV series such as Mr Robot and CSI: Cyber we wanted engage viewers by making them feel part of this disruptive revolution.  The high-tempo speed of the of the video and track was a creative decision to help the viewer digest the information by giving it their full attention. Blink and you’ll miss it and you definitely don’t want to do that.  To maintain their clean brand and no-so-corporate identity we kept the colour palette minimal, bringing in their key brand colour throughout the video.

Working with the Headstart marketing team Bear Jam scripted the animation to set out the challenges in the industry, explain Headstart’s USP and show what they’ve achieved in the past two years.  Adopting Headstart’s tone of voice we left the jargon behind and injected a bit of humour into the animation.

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