As part of the work Sectorlight were doing to refresh the HB Reavis brand we were asked to develop a video concept that would help launch their new corporate identity. Our concept would need to showcase the new identity, the services they offer and to highlight the international reach of the business.

The concept would need to be in keeping with the new overall identity that Sectorlight had developed.


Given the fluid and visually engaging style of the corporate identity, we developed an idea to have an animation driven by a fast-paced, surprising script that brings together a diverse plurality of real-life employee voices.

We wanted the animation to bring to life the organic adaptability of the HB Reavis logo shapes, along with the crisp line-drawn icon style also seen in the new corporate identity. The line-drawn animations would illustrate and emphasise the spoken narrative.

We storyboarded the animation and wrote a voiceover narration script to match the edited comments from a diverse roster of HB Reavis staff. This was intended to ensure the VO felt free-flowing, informal and authentic.

At the same time, the language would be aspirational, with punctuative use of expressive sounds.

The narrative structure too was designed to clearly define HB Reavis and showcase the values and qualities that sets it apart in its field.

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