Feel Good Live

Traditionally Ryvita likes to celebrate the start of the year with a ‘Feel Good’ event to promote healthy eating and living. For 2021, due to the pandemic, they decided to share the experience with everyone – online – and they asked us to capture and stream it – LIVE!
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Davina McCall joins in

The live 3 hour event was split into three activities and the linking factor to each of these was host Davina McCall, who took part in each session, just like those at home. This meant we needed to create a live link with her and everyone else involved with the sessions. We did this from a studio in North London where we based Davina, however we kept all crew to an absolute minimum – one producer, one camera op and one live mixer.

3 sessions, 3 set ups

Each of the 3 sessions involved a different set up, background and challenge. From a live workout in the studio with Davina, to a cook-a-long with Peter Sawkins in Edinburgh and finally a panel discussion where Davina joined 3 other contributors, all dialing in from their homes. All of which we gave prior training and direction as to the best set-ups for filming themselves.

Working Remotely

With the Ryvita client team all working remotely we provided feeds from the various locations the morning of the shoot so they could sign off framing, branding, props and set design. We also dialled them into our talent briefing and had them on constant comms throughout the day so they could provide live feedback and direction as the stream progressed.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.

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Exec Producer


Head of Production (On Site)


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