The Brief

Featherstone came to Bear Jam for a brand film to explain their offering.  They asked us to help them tell the story of Featherstone and how they are different to their competitors.  As a business, Featherstone distance themselves from the old fashioned, big, city investment institutions and needed a brand film that would reflect their open and helpful philosophy.  

Being a modern, tech savvy and self proclaimed ‘Not Stuffy’, they asked us to avoid the typical jargon so we developed a natural, down-to-earth tone of voice that would appeal to a younger audience. 

Including a “behind the scenes” element was a key part of our treatment, showing a more authentic and informal side.  Mixing this with interview sound-bites from the Featherstone team, with drone footage of the countryside area where they operate, provided a stark contrast to the hard lines, stock footage and fast pace you would see from the city-based investment banks.  Our in-house director, James, conducted the interviews with all the team members drawing out responses to explain exactly what the organisation stands and for what information potential clients would want to hear.  The result is a personable & friendly yet informative brand film that is true to the Featherstone brand and their ethos.

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