Exposure Talent

Exposure is an integrated communications agency that believes in the power of its network. We headed down to their offices to get an introduction to the network and the people behind the business card.

Client: Exposure
Website: exposure.net
Services: End to end production services


Having worked with Exposure on a number of branded content projects, the agency asked us to produce a video for their website. We had a tight window to produce it and a small budget so required a simple idea. 


We knew the agency well and wanted to come up with a concept that showed the fun side of the their team.

We discovered that when a new employee joins Exposure, they are asked what phrase they want to put on the business card. This seemed like the perfect way to introduce the colourful people that made up the agency.

We shot the film in a couple of hours in the corner of their office reception, grabbing people on their way back from meetings and from the desks and asking one simple question. Simple, quick and effective.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.17.54
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.17.26
Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 10.17.02
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