Quality Event Video Content


Showcasing events can be a very powerful way of drawing in consumers and keeping your audience engaged with what your business is up to. Capturing the event using video can help to bring your activities to life for your customers and entice them to join the next event, helping to promote your work both internally and externally.

Bear Jam have experience covering a range of events such as workshops, keynote talks, panel discussions, corporate events, music performances and screenings.  We have worked within hospitality, tech, food and drinks brands, finance and property to film event-activity for many different industries.

Shoot plans

Lots to see and not sure where to start? Bear Jam will work with you on an organised shoot-plan to ensure we capture all the important aspects of the day to give us the footage we need to give you all the edits you desire.

Quick Turnaround

If you want real-time event footage, we can film, edit and deliver content within the same day. We have the ability to be very flexible, so flexible we have been known to have an editor sat in a cafe around the corner from the event, able to edit in real-time so we could have the first video ready to go within a couple of hours.

Extra Content

Want to film a full interview with a special guest on the day? Our crew can capture different moments throughout the day meaning the content we deliver can be used more widely across your organisation and brand channels. We can create cut-downs and alternative edits to ensure you have the flexibility to promote your event using platforms targeted at different audiences.