Bear Jam pitched and won to direct and produce a rugby challenge like no other, based on the popular ‘Escape Rooms’ concept for Canterbury.  


Keen not to distract the players with a camera man in the room, we needed to ensure all angles were covered, whilst keeping the edit dynamic and not limited to static mounted cameras. Our solution was to use 4 Q-Ball cameras and 2 ultra-wide angle cameras which we rigged throughout the room and controlled remotely in a gallery we built in the nextdoor changing room. This allowed us to follow the players and the clues at all times.

This gave the film both a fly on the wall feel, whilst also giving us multiple options in the edit with so many angles covered.

With four teams in total we combined the two groups from the England Men’s XV into one edit – to show them racing to unlock the door first and similarly did the same with teams from the Women’s VX and Womens VII.


The video of the men tackling the Escape Room went live at the start of the 6 Nations tournament.  Within the first week of being shared on Facebook the video racked up over 470,000 views, 260 shares and 1,755 likes.  The content helped maintain Canterbury’s position as a brand with unrivaled access to the England team and allowed them to be part of the 6 Nations conversation.


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Escape 4
Escape 2
Escape 1
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