Engenie offer their customers a simple rapid charging service with contactless payment, for all EVs. And when they needed a brand video they came to us. 

Brand Video Brief

Following a referral from another client 😉 we were given an open brief by Engenie for their brand video – the aim was to create a 60 second video that would communicate the top level benefits of their simple rapid charging systems, showing each step along the way. Engenie where also keen to show the broad appeal of electric vehicles and their diverse custo

Our Approach

We based the creative around 3 different customer groups – a young family, a business user and retired couple. While it was important to show the process of locating, charging and paying we wanted to our focus more on what the users did while their cars where charging.


Once the creative route and stories had been approved we brought in Chris Chung to work with us to develop the storyboards and style. We chose to adopt a handheld look with plenty of fast cuts to create a vibrant and dynamic film that immersed the viewer into the 3 journeys. On which we would place bold, large text to highlight the key points in the charging process.

We storyboarded each shot in advance to ensure that the narrative of the film worked and the on-screen text complemented the right shots. This then became our shot list so we did not overshoot on our filming day. This was crucial to getting all the content we needed – as we had just one day to capture everything – which once tallied up amounted to 26 different set ups and 3 unit moves.



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