Video Production Brief

One of our agency clients, Fuse, briefed us on this exciting Disability Football project. From amputee players sprinting at full speed on crutches, to blind footballers scoring screamers from outside the box, disability football is a visual spectacle. But there are thousands of people out there who have never seen disability football in action. This is the opportunity.  Fuse and The FA want to introduce the world to the FA Disability Cup by showcasing disability football in action, shining a spotlight on the talented players set to take part in the competition. How can a video best support this?

Our answer and approach

Our in-house director, James Hilditch, pitched a concept that would let the sport and the performances take centre stage, the disabilities will just be implied. He wanted to show great moments of the footballers in action and, some lows too; the skill, the passion, the athleticism, the team spirit, the misses, and the pain.

To create a fun and dynamic video we used a mixture of footage, including shots generated by the players, photos, go pro clips and our own higher-production-value footage. This approach would help us show different aspects and view points of the game while also highlighting the passion and drive for the sport.

Our footage was captured over 5 days where a small crew, consisting of James and a camera operator, traveled across the UK to meet, film and interview the players.  The post-production then got underway. The edit was a key componat of building the dynamisum while weaving in a strong positive narrative into the project; quick cuts to amplify the energy of the games, sound design to immerse the viewer in the moment and a soundtrack to heighten the energy. During the edit we made the decision to add on-screen text to help land key messages. 

The montage of footage is set to a series of sound-bite statements from the disability players. James wanted to focus on the emotions that playing football brings rather than delve into the back-stories of the players.


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Partially-sighted goalkeeper Bradley NewtonPictures for Paul Currie/WRAPP