Informative & exciting crowdfunding videos


It has been proven that crowdfunding pages that contain a video are more likely to hit their target and attract those important investors. Gaining the right investment through crowdfunding requires a clear, concise offering and what better way to get your point across than with a video. We helped start-up travel accessories brand hit six times their goal with a video to support their Kickstarter campaign. We have worked with tech companies and Sushi start-ups to help them promote their new business and raise funds on their crowdfunding platforms.

Are you a new business trying to gain investment? A crowdsourcing video could be the way forward, get in touch with us here if you need our help.


We understand that as a start-up, you might not have a big budget but that shouldn't hold you back. Investing up front on a video will increase your chances of reaching your target.


It is important to show all the facts. We can work with you on producing a storyboard that tells your story whilst focusing on all the key information your potential investors will want to hear.


We can cleverly maximise your outputs but cutting the edit in ways to produce more content to promote your business across other channels

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