Cornwall’s Little Hero

Working with Neverland to create social content to promote Kelly’s Cornish Ice Cream.

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Finding “Cornwall” near London.

Part of the fun for this project was creating the illusion that the film was shot in Cornwall. Our location team was able to find very convincing alternative locations a couple of hours from London. Joss Bay served as a sandy beach, it even had a surf school. Whilst nearby we found a farm with dairy cows, making it possible to execute multiple locations with the right Cornish look, all in one day.

A day at the beach and the farm.

Our filming day was the envy of many kids. Not only did we film on a lovely sandy beach and a working farm, but we also had ice cream from a van on tap – all day. This featured in the shoot and also served as the best way to ensure the ice cream was kept to its optimal temperature throughout the day. A sweet production solution!

Bumblebee hero...

As indicated in the script, the hero of the Cornish ice cream story was the humble bumblebee. For this, we used carefully researched and sourced footage which we cut into the edit with an in-camera zoom transition. The arrival of the bee was accompanied by an over-the-top track selected by our director Jim Hayton. On set, Jim also succeeded in bringing out the right performance from our cast to hit the comedy notes the client was after.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.


Head of Production

Jim Hayton



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