Clerkenwell Bloom

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Client: HB Reavis
Services: End to end creative & production services


HB Reavis approached Bear Jam to produce a local area and lifestyle film to showcase Clerkenwell, the location of their new property development.  The video would be used as a promotional tool for the business to outline why the area is such a great place to work. 


Clerkenwell is a very diverse area, there’s loads of cool stuff to do and see, everyday life is full of creative people who thrive in the area.  Our creative route was to collaborate with a spoken word artist who we commissioned to write and perform a bespoke poem about how Clerkenwell and the local area allows people to “bloom”.  The poem built on the theme of “bloom where you’re planted”.  Reminding the viewer how important your surroundings are to growth, collaboration, inspiration and happiness.

Our shoot plan and the footage captured was guided by the poem, complimenting the rhythmic and vibrant language of the spoken word.  We lived and breathed the area, finding secret pockets of Clerkenwell that only a local would know about.  We handpicked interesting faces and chose businesses that make Clerkenwell the exciting and distinct place it is.  As the poem described the different aspects and people of Clerkenwell, we brought them to life visually on the screen.  The pace of the performance determined the edit, the cuts sped and slowed with the rhythm of the poem. 

The final edit resulted in a captivating, engaging piece of content which should inspire potential occupiers to relocate to this vibrant area.

Director: Chris Hugall

Artist: Isi the Scribe