McDonald’s Climate Clarity Guide with Charley Webb and Buster

To promote the launch of McDonald’s Climate clarity Guide we teamed up with Charley Webb and her son Buster to help explain what the guide is and who it is for.

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Working with Kids

We were delighted to work with Emmerdale star Charley Webb who also brought along her son Buster for the ride. Working with kids always comes with challenges, and keeping Buster engaged throughout the day is something our director was well versed in, which meant we were able to get nice natural moments from both Buster and his mum!

Fixed it in post

The Climate Clarity Guide was still in the design phase when we filmed the content – so we had to get plenty of options of the title screen during our filming day. In the end we ended up adding the title cover in post production.

Just one more version… and another....

Following sign off and delivery of the final edit we have since created a number of different cut downs for insta stories and reels. The content became very topical with COP26 so we were able to react quickly and turn additional edits around within the same day of briefing as required.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.