Client: Sanofi
Services: Production



Bear Jam worked alongside creative agency It’s Not Rocket Science to create an animated explainer video for Satipharm CBD.  Within the video we would need to show how their Gelpell® technology worked and what the benefits of taking the capsules are.

Working within Satipharm’s brand identity, we developed a storyboard that played on the tiny beads within the capsules.  Giving these beads an energy and set behaviours, they lead the viewer through a 2d/3d space, reacting to obstacles, shifting gravity and light in order to help visualize and communicate the key massages.  Once built we added a layer of sound design to further enhance the project and help convey a feeling of movement.

The animation was reformatted for various platforms and delivered in 16:9, 1:1 and a vertical format for social media.

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