A dynamic and engaging 30-second TVC created around a piece to camera delivered by Sachin Dev Duggal, Founder and CEO of

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Green Screen + Virtual Set is a technology-driven business, so we wanted to create a modern 3D environment to reflect this. The promo was shot in a green screen studio with the 3D “set” designed and built in post-production and overseen by Flock. We animated 2D graphical elements taken from the brand book which floated in the 3D set. These were designed to support the script and highlight the key messages.
Each line of the script was delivered to one of 3 camera positions creating a fast-paced feel while also showing off more of the virtual set.

Fast turnaround

The promo was required at very short notice. Given the complexity of the project, the Bear Jam team had to act extremely fast to script and choreograph the performance and produce the shoot, not to mention design and build the 3D virtual set.

COVID secure production

Produced during the global pandemic our APA accredited Covid Supervisor created a secure set putting various safety measures in place including regular temperature checks for everyone on set, supplying and monitoring the use of PPE, and constant monitoring of all crew to keep everyone safe.

Project Team

Some of the team responsible for delivering this project.


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