Borders and Boundaries

Filmed while cycling across the country, Borders and Boundaries showcases the beautiful landscapes and people of Myanmar.

Client: Internal
Services: End to end production


Our very own Producer/Adventurer, Tom, and a friend, embarked on an adventure across Burma. The trip provided them with a glimpse into the daily obstacles of Burmese life in this tightly controlled country but rewarded them with welcoming communities and friendly smiles.


Tom tries to push the limits of where adventure travel can take the intrepid traveller, choosing the alternative route and leaving tyre tracks on unridden terrain. With very limited kit and no real way to review the footage while on the road Tom captured some stunning shots. But the film was brought to life with a creative edit and poignant voiceover. 


The short film was selected for various awards and festivals including the Filmed By Bike, The Travel Film Festival and received Silver at The Deauville Green Awards.

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