Announcement: Bear Jam partner with Ceem

We’re excited to announce that we are now partnering with personalised video specialists, Ceem.

Ceem believe that in order to achieve meaningful reach and engagement with a wide variety of audiences, personalised, live- action and measurable video communication is the purest, most cost-efficient and most effective platform, delivering consistent ROI.

Check out the work they did with Three below.


Some of their features include:

  • Web based platform
  • White label dashboard for branding
  • Videos can include pre clips, names, main message(s) and end clips
  • Downloadable list of names for filming
  • Interactivity options
  • Video sharing options
  • Intelligent real time video trimming
  • Scalable to handle any amount of campaigns
  • Secure, permission based entry for users
  • Ability to upload a database of any size
  • Personalised videos deployed via client side servers

If you are thinking about creating personalised videos for your brands, get in touch with us here to find out more.