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Video done well is emotional, effective and efficient. We know how to achieve this, and that’s why some of the world’s biggest brands and best agencies choose to work with us. Get in touch and we can help you


Why video? Why Us?

Your company brand needs to be interesting, engaging, and garner the trust of your clients. Video is the ideal way to get your brand out there. Using your tone, style, and vision, we are able to produce something that will meet all of your requirements. Bear Jam’s team is rich in experience and creativity, and you will always get a relevant director for your project.

Branded Content

When you work with Bear Jam on your corporate video or branded content, you will get something compelling, unique, and goal-driven each time.
Everything we produce is created with passion and purpose – to ensure your content is impactful and speaks to your audience.

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We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and best agencies

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What Client’s Say?

Corporate Video Production

When it comes to getting your point across clearly and with style, we are masters of the art. Bear Jam is able to work with everyone, whether start-up companies with big ideas, to global banks with specific goal-driven requirements. This means we can create an impactful corporate video production or B2B comms with the same impact. Our experience spans a spectrum of companies in London and the UK in a wide range of industries, from financial services and FMCGs to real estate, and more. We understand that every piece of video content has to meet your specific company needs.

Do More Video

When it comes to creating content with impact, you have to work with a company that’s well versed in the corporate comms sector with experience of creating unique branded content that catches the eye and engages the audience. When it comes to video production in London and the UK – we at Bear Jam are experienced, creative, and goal-driven, allowing us to bring your video content needs to life, in a way that only we can. We are extremely passionate about our work, and we know what it takes to get from concept to the deliverables that can span your list of required channels.

What else?

We are conscious that the speed of production is important. This is why our flexible model means we have the resources to take a project from concept to delivery in the shortest time possible.
Bear Jam combines passion with purpose, so our videos are a cut above the rest – every time.
ur unique method of super-lean video production meets our maximization of on-screen budget to give all our clients a price they are always happy to see.
Creative Strategy
Creativity? We’ve got it. Ideas a-plenty? We have that too. Our team is bubbling over with creative ideas and ready to apply it to your brand strategy.
Small budget? Bear Jam has your back. Big budget? We can do that too. Our vast video production experience means we know how to deliver what you need within your budget.
We will absorb your brand goals and give you exactly what you need to work with the channels you use.

Frequently Asked Question

Why use Bear Jam when I can create video myself?
Quality of content, expertise, equipment available.
Can you work within my budget?
Of course there are limits but we can scale up and down. We’ll always aim to find a solution that matches both your ambition and budget.
I need something ASAP, can you help?

We are very agile, it’s always great to have time to plan and schedule, but we understand the world doesn’t always work that way. We’ve turned around video from briefing to final product within 24 hours.

How long has Bear Jam been in business?
Since 2012. We work with directors with decades’ of experience and also talented newcomers.
How is Coronavirus affecting video production?
Our staff are trained in best practice for socially distanced shoots. We can also capture content remotely (Netflix example) and use animation.
How much does an editor cost per day?
Our standard editor day rate is £500.
How much does it cost to have a videographer for a one day shoot?

Our standard videographer day rate is £800